AR Shopping

Holographic shopping navigation system development

Company located in holographic AR electric mall landscape application, to solve the existing electricity industry commodity exhibition, as well as the existing electricity can't show the product of two large industry bottlenecks. At present, the most global electricity shows still is given priority to with display of complanation, consumer cannot directly will need to buy Product placement of the scene space experience effect, therefore the present domestic main electric business platform has been implemented 360 shopping scene display and 3 d products, the market was accepted by the public quickly. And when the holographic AR scenario application, place the consumer to purchase product directly in the future use of scenario, Let buyers see directly effect, have the opportunity to reverse the traditional current electricity trading patterns. In the information communication under the trend of rapid development, 5 g make interpersonal communication high reliability, low latency, high efficiency of the load are connected, the efficient connection between devices and equipment, more can realize interconnection of larger data packets, for the implementation of the scene electrical contractor, through the base support.

At present, the company focus on development point and basic profitable model stage mainly software customization, foreign trade sales B end manufacturer/large domestic manufacturers. Focus on side B, make B2B2B/B2B2C mode. The model has been in the company's operating team and the most companies used in the industry Mode, proven feasible.

Such as: according to the company's technology continuously upgrade, can provide customers with technical support to achieve 3 seconds scanning generated user can see clothes "avatar" users don't need to change the upper body effect, achieve the "wysiwyg" shopping experience. At the same time, through the accumulation of data to upgrade, can get the user size, consumption, behavioral data, understand user preferences, offer a "made-to-measure" goods and services. These will be the future application trend of electrical business scenario.

The future development, the company wanted to build into a scenario-based electric business platform, personal online transactions, and all kinds of plane deal for now electric business platform to conduct a comprehensive upgrade.