AR Touris

Holographic tourism navigation system development

Holographic AR tourism also is a kind of new intelligent travel technology present form. Combined with holographic AR technology to build a virtual images of one-stop travel services.
  • Tourism one-stop service

    Near to the scenic spot, catering and accommodation content access to tourism, tourism in the process of road navigation and community share of real what an APP one-stop service
  • Tourism scenery appreciate in advance

    Combined with AR technology make arbitrary door, user 720 - degree enjoy anytime and anywhere scenic area scenic view restaurant and hotel environment, break the regional restrictions and time limits
  • Binocular parallax intelligence enhance the system

    Live tour + IP wizard to build precise and interesting navigation vivid embodiment wall, fixed-point left journey feeling, share experience different communities
  • Scenic route recommendation and live-action task set

    Recommend and navigation, which provides a scenic spot for users to visit the scenic spot is not vacant navigation + scenic area features flexible with active task improve users play fun
According to user's location near the tourist attractions, hotel, restaurant information, using AR technology and terrain recognition technology users can open a portal, anytime and anywhere across space, into the tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, 720 ° panoramic experience.

Current software available to buy tickets to the scenic spot, restaurant and hotel reservation and other channels, to provide users with fast and high-quality tourism content services. Can switch position, according to the user to the selected city shows that the scenic spots, hotels, restaurants and other information. The user can according to label "attraction", "the restaurant", "hotel" filter data for display, quickly find the required content.

Using AR based on satellite positioning technology and service, to provide users with anytime and anywhere live-action navigation, solve the puzzle of users don't understand the electronic map, at the same time enables users to more intuitive understanding of the attractions of cultural information. In AR space navigation elves will fully for visitors guide, on the ground projection navigation mark, real-time tracking of tourists, according to the scenic area flow parameter recommend the most suitable for the tour route, to avoid congestion.

Application scenarios and the function of the software

AR treasure interactive games: by AR + LBS technology, will treasure chest random distribution in each scenic area, tourist by mobile scanning to find hidden treasure chest. Can fully improve tourist fun and interactive, also can drive the business income of the scenic spot.
AR historical reduction: using AR + LBS technology, scan sites, designated sites reduction, reduction ancient architecture, cultural relics and historical scenes, instantly make tourists travel to ancient times.
Plants and animals present AR experience: in the form of AR in the real scene rendering rare animals at ordinary times, do voice explain behaviors of animal form. Also can AR form to present all kinds of plants, present different flowering plants form each season, tourists don't regret for miss the season.
AR virtual message boards - social travel: in a favorite attractions can be released in the form of photographs, video and text own AR message board, message information issued by the suspended user actual message above the location, to reply to the message board, thumb up, collection, and so on.

Using the new application scenarios and function, to bring customers a new kind of tourism experience and mode, after the entire business models around the lobby in the future, will be able to have \ effect to resolve the problems of tourism industry, such as the different time of different scenery, kua space-time exchanges, intuitive navigation, etc., therefore WiMi believe using holographic AR technology, in the field of tourism industry will get a lot of market share.