Digital life

Holographic digital life system development

Holographic digital life system development is based on the current WiMi holographic image capture and further upgrade of holographic imaging system. Based on the eight system and technology on the basis of the application.
  • Multi-angle real-time modeling system

    All dimensions of acquisition object imaging scans, real-time synthesis for three-dimensional model.
  • Six degrees of matrix light field system

    light source, integrated use of more, build the holographic imaging field of virtual images
  • Binocular parallax intelligence enhance the system

    Dynamic object tracking trajectory in the process of acquisition and adjust the light, keep eyes bad equilibrium values
  • Multiple dynamic image fusion system

    Narrow space of multidimensional wide-angle image acquisition technology, applied to cloud depending on the miniaturization of holographic stack
  • Holographic image processing algorithm at a high speed

    Speed of image information processing, and ensure the rendering, processing rates up to 10 gb/s
  • Stealth polyester film optical imaging

    Holographic imaging of the key components, holographic imaging showed perfect photo
  • Holographic virtual figure painting reconstruction technique

    Using bone dynamic capture, image real-time rendering, speech recognition technology, voice simulation technology to present a virtual person
  • The holographic spectrum of cloud platform

    Nationwide image acquisition and reduction, data storage, image restoration, holographic social attributes of the interactive platform
Holographic image acquisition and reduction of key technology is to use light interference and diffraction principle of recording and playback object real 3 d image recording and playback technology. Technology in two key areas: record object by the principle of interference waves information; By using the theory of diffraction light wave information. Is characteristic of object space position, size, can fully be resurface, very suitable for using optics storage, virtual and data encryption. Popular speaking, core value lies in the holographic storage of digital image information and the virtual three-dimensional reduction.

Holographic image acquisition terminal: continuous capture dynamic portrait image information, guarantee completely record the depth of field information, through the holographic image processing engine, real-time processing, storage, The second generation product can be automatically generated at the same time the whole 3 d human body full color model; An acquisition, two sets of data.

Holographic image restoration terminal: use laser light source, and series of light field components are tie-in, the cloud or local image information according to the three-dimensional reduction as 1:1; Features a chromaticity, depth images after software enhancement processing, than true portrait more vivid, more solid.

WiMi will has opened up a new business form, totally different from the traditional photographic service experience, two-dimensional WiMi will pay for each user has a holographic image data, a permanent storage, reduction, at any time effect and the "same", height, look, sound, Physical, truth, stereo feeling be full size reduction.

Company will plan construction of millisecond like 3 d data acquisition system, six degrees of matrix light field imaging system and binocular parallax intelligence, enhance the system can complete the whole system and speedy gathering information to identify the body all the signs and appearance. And because the reinforced the image of the depth of field Interest rates and around eyes parallax, and after in the back of the holographic reduction, 1:1 portrait of integrity, truth, stereo sense is strong, even beyond the resolution to achieve high precision display of human eye identification.

Holographic cloud platform project, digital life WiMi gives it to "if life can return, the world will be how to" proposition, will in the future could be a subversive project, using holographic technology to collect, preserve and restore the key to every life course record life, reverse time. WiMi plans to build a covered the consumption of the national engineering holographic digital life.

WiMi the entire project will cover line terminal and the online cloud platform; Besides with image acquisition/storage and restore function, can save the user's precise three-dimensional holographic data and voiceprint. Combined with cloud depending on the unique virtual resurrection machine self-learning and reduction technology and AI technology. Can be For each user to generate a virtual holographic member and can achieve high model simulation with sound, and can imitate the human language used to communicate freely. Holographic image in the future will become the life and the continuation of another kind of form, the holographic digital life and holographic social two big plate Depth of block layout.

Holographic digital life: WiMi use master holographic image acquisition technology, to customers throughout his life the key point of the image acquisition, processing, storage and reduction. The innocence of the children, and young green when immature, is burning with the heroic spirit of youth, middle-aged when fresh clothes NuMa, Old age of happiness, when looking back message, a collection, permanent storage. Back to the past, everyone can see the most true to yourself, children and grandchildren will be able to clearly see ancestors again, listen to the lecture, as if across time and space. Holographic cloud project is expected to become the digital life The hologram of the national level storage platform to holographic image map for the families of the carrier link, Dan family precepts can be permanent. Life is all, family culture forever.

Social interest: cloud series of household, commercial, customized version of the terminal are holographic imaging carry communication module. To high-end CBD commercial space property, large mall, home to high-end home page, the custom layout to institutional and corporate clients, applicable to high-end meetings and new social. The customer Exclusive ID into the holographic cloud terminal authentication, can with the remote real-time holographic session 1-1 at the ends of the hologram to transmit real time to each other, both sides can clear realistic sense to the other side of the picture, including language, posture, gestures, facial expressions, wearing and emotions, etc., is a completely The traditional way of new communications.

Connection holographic cloud around the offline all holographic acquisition and display terminal, access to high-speed communications network, implement one-to-one, one-to-many up to more than for the whole domain of full-time holographic video synchronization; Achieve one-to-one remote holographic communication; A holographic storage, reduction, holographic communication, holographic social The core functions.

Holographic cloud terminal equipment will be on line layout and promotion, more land holographic cloud platform, you can see yourself or friends and relatives are stored in the cloud of 1:1 hologram whether he in, or is no longer. In the past, look at yourself, see relatives, remembering the past, think about the future. WiMi will use Holographic technology, detonated a virtual social revolution.