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Holographic digital entertainment direction

Customers for offline entertainment eat, drink, play, music requires iterative upgrade continuously, to ordinary offline entertainment, the demand of the holographic three-dimensional visual experience is put forward. The traditional entertainment has been difficult to meet customer pursuit of three-dimensional visual innovation demands. Offline entertainment industry for nearly 30 years in form no bigger to innovation, the development of the industry growth is weak. Holographic visual three-dimensional in order to meet customer demand, the operator gradually replace new holographic three-dimensional equipment, to adapt to the consumer, to join WiMi Hologram Cloud platform to realize holographic three-dimensional visual entertainment experience.

Holographic digital entertainment direction to upgrade

Holographic experience form changed, constant change of innovation to meet customer demand, lift satisfaction. WiMi Hologram Cloud entertainment cloud application system can be a key switch to the theme of the scene, followed by customer demand change, quickly adapt to the customer personalized demand. WiMi Hologram Cloud entertainment platform clouds have a high quality holographic content 4654, customers can choose according to demand the holographic visual rendering content.

WiMi Hologram Cloud entertainment platform of cloud in the form of entertainment, interaction and experience can be completely subvert the traditional offline entertainment industry experience, the creation for the holographic visual experience of the new business form and pattern. Areas of application: high-end household holographic entertainment, holographic holographic KTV rooms, office meetings, holographic music teahouse, holographic dance halls, holographic bars nightclubs, holographic high-end restaurants, holographic playground, holographic amusement, etc.
  • 4654

    WiMi hologram entertainment platform cloud has 4654 high quality holographic content items
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    Holographic experience form changed, constant change of innovation to meet customer demand