About WiMi

Talent mechanism
  • People-oriented management ideas and open communication

  • Specification of the employment system and gradually improve the welfare of the mechanism

  • Don't let you fight alone, build teamwork, love and help each other a continuation work environment is our style

  • Don't care about your degree, as long as you have the strength, as long as you work hard, monthly assessment bonus will be on the list

  • Work hard work, entertainment and laugh, collective organization size company once a month

  • As long as there is only you, there is the stage of your company to provide good training mechanism

  • The young team, positive, lively sunshine

  • Professional development ideas, to everything to measure their professional and career goals

Training and development
  • New employee orientation

    After induction, you will accept the new staff training, at the same time of making new partners, you will be the company profile, culture, system, exhibition and training will also help you achieve "colleges" to "enterprise" perfect transformation.

  • professional quality training

    through introducing the theory, behavior training and case sharing way, self management, interpersonal communication, teamwork, innovation, problem solving, and other general comprehensive professional quality training, make you be a good career.

  • Professional skills training

    Enter company after a series of posts professional skills course will help you to improve the professional skills, expand the depth and breadth of knowledge, for the rapid development of you with wings to fly.