Cinema Application Solutions

Holographic digital entertainment direction

Users by the naked eye to watch WiMi Hologram offline entertainment photoelectric suspension to watch the film projection, video images was suspended in open hole view, this scenario into feeling and sense of reality can be greatly improved. At the same time, WiMi Hologram offline entertainment movie technology backward compatibility, regardless of film titles is 2D or 3D, can play in photoelectric WiMi Hologram offline entertainment theater environment, which will upgrade in cinemas an important direction in the future.

Holographic digital cinema direction

Aimed at the concert, singing and dancing performances, routines, children's theater has a real live performances, it also faces the opportunity of upgrading. Under the background of the national top talent resources are scarce, through WiMi Hologram Cloud cinema system can break through time geography condition limit, meet the spiritual needs of the masses of culture and entertainment; At the same time, through to the concerts or holographic reduction of performing arts programs, to achieve a permanent recycling data acquisition, can give full play to the copyright of cultural entertainment value, and promote cultural communication holographic three-dimensional visual changes.

Holographic digital cinema direction to upgrade

The national average to exhibit an area of more than three square all kinds of exhibition hall, 320; The volume type KTV institutions a total of 10651; The national cinema total more than 2000; The national level science and technology museum number more than 400. Areas of application: business circle holographic cinemas, scenic spots holographic holographic experience experience hall, cultural and sports hall, holographic concert, high-end holographic KTV chain institutions, professional holographic theatre, children's holographic theater, teenagers holographic science museum, etc.